Legal Assistance & Support Mainland China – Hong Kong – Taiwan


Mainland China

After 1997, there are a great deal of progress in legal assistance between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.



Mainland China – Hong Kong

– mutual assistance in service of process

– enforcement of arbitral awards

– enforcement of judicial decisions in commercial cases when there is an agreement of enforceability before hand

– Hong Kong has a Foreign Judgment (Mutual Enforcement) Ordinance


Hong Kong – TaiwanLegal-Assistance-and-Support-2

– after the precedent of a Taiwan bankruptcy court order being enforced by Hong Kong Court, Re Lung Cheung (1998), Taiwan court decision can now be enforced in Hong Kong.

– Section 42 of Taiwan’s “Hong Kong and Macau Relationship” Regulations, Hong Kong court decision can be enforced in Taiwan court. But there is no precedent so far.


Mainland – TaiwanLegal-Assistance-and-Support-3

– The Supreme Court in the PRC issued a regulation in 1998 on “Enforcing Taiwan Court Decision in the PRC Courts”, there are precedent cases.

– There is no important and relevant precedent in Taiwan enforcing mainland Chinese judicial decisions. However, Taiwan set out the principles and conditions for landmark cases.

– Unless political issues are overcome, there shall not be any significant progress in legal assistance in enforcing judicial decisions between the two sides of the strait.


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