Intellectual Property – Hong Kong – Licensing

Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a free port, and there is no restriction on technology import and export. It is paramount that your patents, designs and marks are registered with The Intellectual Property Office of Hong Kong. If you did not register your right in Hong Kong, you can only seek legal basis in copyright. However, there are constraints in copyright in that if the author or owner is a natural person, the right goes to his estate upon death and there is no continuity for business efficacy. Proofing ownership or authorship in copyright is onerous and it cannot control similar products under copyright laws.


After application for registration of your rights have been granted, the rest is documentation.


In the documentation, a great deal of attention is on the licensee’s manufacture and operation in China where the area of the licence usually cover.


Accordingly, licensing documentation involve substantial PRC laws and regulations.


This is where our strength is, please refer to “PRC – Licensing”.