Dispute Resolution – Litigation – Receivables Management

Receivables Management


Ng & Shum provide services on receivables management services to local and international corporations for Hong Kong and mainland China.

There are three types of situation in receivables management:-

(a) when there are signs that their customers were experiencing financial difficulties

In this situation, we provide monitoring work on them with financial data of the targeted company, including risk analysis, assets tracing, tracking of the targeted company performance, updated company search on target, either on a monthly or on a quarterly basis. This work will allow the creditors to surveillance on the risk of allowing the debtors fall into delinquency.


(b) when their customers are likely to fall into delinquency

In this situation, we provide creditors with legal opinion on legal steps to be taken without interruption to the customer-client relationship should the targeted company came out safely from financial difficulties. Work in this situation may involve one or two demand letters and work out preliminary plan on the likely situation of delinquency.


(c) when their customers fall into delinquency

In this situation, we provide creditors with legal work on collection. Legal work we provide would include update company search, winding up search, assets tracing both in Hong Kong and the PRC, court search for pending litigations either against or commenced by the targeted company, defaults on tax payment and litigation work.

Dispute Resolution-Litigation-Receivables Management

If the debtors have assets in the PRC, our affiliates in the 28 major cities and a team of over 800 PRC lawyers can be deployed to provide right on spot legal services, in particular, in locating, collecting and realising assets owned by the debtors.

We have proven track records on our services in receivables management, working closely with reliable counterparts in China.

We contribute an article on receivable management publication “International Commercial Debt Collection” published by our associate David Franklin. Please click in the column “Publication”.