Conveyancing – PRC

Conveyancing – PRC

PRC land system is registered land system. Land interest is protected only with a land certificate issued by the proper land administration authority.Conveyancing-PRC1

In the last decade, we have : –

  • acted for over 70 Chinese property developers in their property development and redevelopment projects;
  • acted in 42 property development projects in their overseas sales including sales in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and U.S.A.;
  • handled single largest property sale in Guangzhou;
  • acted for vendors, buyers, and/or mortgagors in numerous sale and purchase of private houses/flats;
  • acted for overseas Chinese (華僑) in their claims for compensation from government for their property formerly owned by them before 1949;Conveyancing-PRC2
  • acted for various property owners in their dealing with Chinese government on their property rights, taxes and fees;Conveyancing-PRC3
  • acted for Hong Kong government in advising leases of their China office;
  • published numerous articles on Chinese property law;
  • advised Chinese local government in promulgation of local property laws and regulations;
  • dealt with land issues in industrial or tourism projects;
  • M & A of real property project;
  • handle mortgage registration on behalf of banks and finance companies.

Our experience in handling Chinese property transaction started before the PRC had the first major land laws in 1994.