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Hong Kong is part of China.  Therefore documents normally notarized in Chinese embassies in foreign countries for use in the PRC are attested before a China-appointed Attesting Officer in Hong Kong.  It is something like the work of a notary public but the work is only relevant to the documents for use in the mainland China.

If you have a company in Hong Kong and you want to use this company to invest in China, you require our service to attest to the legal status of the Hong Kong company.

Our senior partner, Mr. Ng Siu Pang, is a China-appointed Attesting Officer and is authorised to attest or certify legal matters and documents in Hong Kong for use in China.




1.  DECLARATIONchina logo


  •   Application for marriage with people of PRC
  •   Application for declaration of marital status
  •   Application for succession of estate
  •   Application for renouncement of estate
  •   Application for residing in Hong Kong by spouse
  •   Application for residing in Hong Kong by relatives
  •   Application for adoption of children in PRC
  •   Application for providing guarantee to PRC residents for the purpose of studying abroad


2.  CERTIFICATIONchina logo


  •   Hong Kong Companies registration particulars
  •   Business Registration particulars
  •   Marriage certificate
  •   Individual companies resolutions
  •   Documents issued by government authorities
  •   Documents issued by private companies and organizations


3.  POWER OF ATTORNEYchina logo


  •   Appointing solicitors to commence legal proceedings in PRC
  •   Appointing attorney in the sale and purchase of properties in PRC
  •   Appointing attorney in various matters


Should you wish to know whether certain type of documents needed to be attested, please contact us.

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