Intellectual Property – Hong Kong – Protection of IP Rights

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong


In 1980’s, Hong Kong moved her industry into the PRC, and adjusted herself as a service center for her industrial back office in the PRC.

Chinese accession to WT0 and the signing of CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement), Hong Kong further moved her service sector into the PRC and maintain her role exactly the same as 160 years ago, i.e. the gateway to China.’

We have been in China for over 18 years. We serve our clients in relation to their works in the PRC, and they include Intellectual Property.


We assist in 2 matters : –

  1. Represent foreign owners in their registration of intellectual property right. Through our IP service arm Hornet in the mainland China, we can complete our job at a moderate fee.
  2. For the same reason, we can advice strategically on all aspects of Intellectual Property protection measures in the PRC and work hand in hand with our Chinese associates in litigation, instigating administrative and customs measures in protection of your rights.